Cracking the back pain care code


Welcome to the article that discusses what every person ought to know about back pain. This article discusses in detail what back pain is then shares types of back pain in another section. From there we discuss visiting a primary doctor or a back specialist then share information about pain level intensity. There is a section that discusses back injection types, the back surgery consultation and lastly the conclusion. Hope this information is helpful!

What is back pain

There are multiple definitions that could be given to what back pain is based upon the person being spoken to. The word pain is a noun, according to Merriam-Webster, but there are specifics about the word itself. Merriam-Webster states:
 a. a localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation or complex of sensations that causes mild to severe physical discomfort and emotional distress and typically results from bodily disorder (as injury or disease)

 b. a basic bodily sensation that is induced by noxious stimulus, is received by naked nerve endings, is associated with actual or potential tissue damage, is characterized by physical discomfort (as pricking, throbbing, or aching), and typically leads to evasive action.

c. mental or emotional distress or suffering. (Merriam-Webster,2023)

Every person experiences back pain differently as some will go through aches and pains whereas other back patients have had the difficulty of walking. Patients can only answer the question “how are you feeling” as they personally know the experience. 

Types of back pain
The first thought said when there is a slight back pain, unsure what that is probably nothing major. What if the pain takes place for another week? Something that many fail to realize until personally experiencing the feeling of back pain a person can no longer function normally. The most concerning could be when family members are in pain as they need our care.   

The three types of back pain according to Spine-Health are Axial, Referred, and Radicular. Axial takes place in one area of the back. Referred pain will move from one location to another causing much intensity. Radicular has been defined as having an electric shock feeling. This pain takes place in lower back and may travel into the legs. Another term that is frequently used for radicular pain is Sciatica. (Spine-Health, 2023)

Visit primary or a back specialist

When scheduling an appointment, it is important to keep in mind primary doctors can and do refer patients onto back specialists for further treatment as needed. It may be difficult to visit a doctor, but by doing so will allow the start of a doctor to view what is causing back pain discomfort. The same thought should be kept in mind for a family member. Taking them into a family doctor as quickly as possible so they can be treated.

Every person is unique, which is something very important to remember. With that being said, the body structure is unique. The vertebral column is numbered and travels from the neck to the tailbone in this fashion: cervical, thoracic, sacrum, lumbar and coccyx. Figure 1 below was located from FreePik website. (FreePik,2023)


If back pain location can be shown to doctor that will be of help. Knowing that information is always helpful during a medical visit. When viewing doctor’s notes after a visit, look for a capital letter with a number next to it. The letters to look for are C,T,L, or S. Please use the left image of the vertebral column for your guide as it gives colorful detail.                

Something else to keep in mind is to allow the medical doctor to do his or her job without telling (or screaming) at them to perform specific tests. A medical doctor fully understands they have a patient with specific needs and will follow what is needed to take care of them as they have taken the doctor’s oath.  

Pain level intensity  

The back pain intensity each person feels varies as it could be from good to a level of pain that is so extreme it is above miserable. When nurses speak with patients, a pain level from 1 to 10 is frequently asked for. (see Figure 2 below) The reason for that question is because the medical fields follow a guide to best assist patients and ensure they are taken care of. The Figure 2 image was located on the server of (,2023)   

Figure 2. pain scale level image

The job of using the pain scale is to help better understand the pain intensity patients are experiencing using the number being given. Looking at the pain scale from a green to a dark red there are smile faces to upset faces which should help in providing patient care. A helpful tip to readers save the pain scale image or taking a screen shot of it with your cell phone. Every time when visiting a doctor that asks for pain level this image should be helpful.    

Physical therapy

The is one variety of back pain therapy to be given before others will take place in many cases. Physical therapy could be suggested by exercising on land or in water. The first physical therapy meeting should be a meeting with a physical therapist to get more information about both types of therapy; land therapy and aqua therapy. A suggestion is if you have questions take them with you on first day of meeting physical therapy because the next meeting will be the start of your PT visits themselves.

Do consider a gym bag for physical therapy with a lock to keep personal items safe. In many situations by using a gym bag patients can keep their personal items together plus do physical therapy safely. If there is trouble performing one physical therapy always consider trying the other before leaving physical therapy all together. Should there be a need to use a chair YouTube has created a helpful video for anyone that wants to strengthen their back muscles.        

Back Injection Types    

This section is briefly about six back injection types used to help remove pain from patients. Each injection is different and each injection needs to be obtained by an appointment and followed with specific instructions afterward. Here is the list of six back injection types which patients can obtain for back care through pain management or other pain care physicians:

1.Epidural steroid injections 

2.Trigger point injections

3 Facet joint injections

4 Sacroiliac injections

5.Radiofrequency Ablation

6.Nerve Blocks (Healthline,2023)

As part of each injection procedure, a doctor will explain what other factors the patient needs to remember afterward. It is highly suggested for a patient to ask questions before procedure or before they are to leave the location. Always be sure to ask for and have a post-care printout before leaving the procedure as that printout should give post-procedure care information, emergency contact information, and next follow-up visit date including time.  

Each spinal injection has different recovery time. The recovery information provided to each patient after a procedure should have more specific information needed to be aware of. Because patients can recover at different times when obtaining the same procedure there will always be questions from patients on the recovery time. It is always best to speak with your back specialist about the spinal procedure taking place to ensure it is understood.    

Back surgery consultation time

Having high anxiety can be troublesome with back pain but what makes it more difficult is not finding a non-addictive medication that helps. Back surgery should never be rushed into as this procedure cannot be stopped once started nor can it be undone once it is completed.

Often, a back surgeon will be able to tell if they can assist the patient’s needs during that first visit. There are some situations that are more complex than others and need a patient’s second appointment for a more detailed discussion before a final decision can be made. Moreover, if a patient does not agree with the medical opinion of their back surgeon, they have every right to seek another opinion from another surgeon until they are satisfied.


Therefore, back pain cannot be managed easily by the person that has nor is it easy to assist a family member with back pain. With that being said, every person that experiences back pain deals with a lot of trouble on a daily basis and we all need to support one another.

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