Why 7 organizing items can be helpful, read more!


Has there ever been a time when looking at frequently used items has raised the question of how organized you really are? Could there be a better way to achieve daily needs? This is a discussion about seven helpful items that have been organizing life over the years. The first item is sleep, second is morning coffee and drinking water. third is eyeglasses as they are valuable. fourth is a laptop, fifth item is iPhone Air Pods as they assist with speaking on the phone and the sixth item is the iPhone because it helps with communication. Enjoy reading!


According to Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” were the words spoken by Ben Franklin frequently. (Wiktionary,2023) Of course not everyone is a person that falls asleep at dusk but the idea behind saying this quote is to take care of yourself. In other words, by getting the reasonable sleep at night which can be seven to eight hours, a person should consider doing better the following morning as they will be stronger in body and in mind.

A final thought on sleep discussion getting a good night’s rest is considered helpful as that is the main thing that can help a person begin the next day in a positive way. There may be times when  falling asleep could be difficult but an option to try is listening to sleep music. That type of music as a nice background noise within a black room during an adult’s sleep time is a very nice way to fall asleep.  A way to search is to use “sleeping music” in the YouTube search engine then go from that discovery.

Morning Coffee and Drinking Water

Morning coffee has always been a favorite over the years, from many bean flavors to many types of coffee syrups that could be used. After going through many different types of flavors it was just too much drama, so things needed to take a change on how morning coffee was taken. Instead of sugar and milk there would be no more sugar as it was just too much and time for making a healthy choice. 

A healthy choice made was to drink water instead of soda or fruit juice at 12 noon every day after morning coffee. Every person is different with how many ounces of water are needed in a day. That question is something to discuss with a doctor as there may be certain needs with medication. The human body is made up of a lot of water and it is important to stay hydrated daily. When we are having summer days it is very important to have a filled water bottle to keep working on. If we are an athlete or working in the sun, it is a good idea to have a filled water bottle nearby so we can quench thirst as needed. Having water to drink is a very important thing that everyone needs in life and should never ever be in a position without.


Eyeglasses are a very important health item to have as they get worn from the moment laptop is turned on to the moment it is turned off. Eyeglasses help vision with reading material so eyes can read clearer and visual clarity is improved. There are sometimes when eyeglasses can better what is being viewed but that is not always the case. Most of the time, eyeglasses are worn while reading, browsing the smart phone, or working on the laptop as the pair owned are bi-focals.

Everyone is different with their eyeglasses that are owned as some are in need to place them first thing after waking up. In my case, there is a desire to have a hot cup of coffee first then place eyeglasses on. Wanted to share a few tips how to keep healthy eyes courtesy of National Eye Institute:

Eat a good diet – be sure to drink water daily, eat protein, fish, and vegetables.

Mention if vision changes – if you’re having any eye difficulty in clear vision say something.

Always wear glasses – prescription glasses and contacts are valuable items that help our vision.

Keep hands clean – always clean hands before placing contacts into eyes.  

Keep sunglasses on when going outside to protect from sunlight, UVA and UVB rays.

Remember the 20/20/20 rule when working at a computer screen – Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds

Avoid smoking as it is bad for the eyes and your body (National Eye Institute, 2022)


Using a laptop has become much more than just something for games and entertainment. The computer laptop is an item that builds new connectivity for a growing network on article writing. Every morning there are programs booted (started) because they are frequently used throughout the day. Google Email, Google Calendar, Microsoft Word, and Asana. The very first program to be looked at on the laptop every morning is Google Email to sort emails that arrived after midnight by validity and spam. By doing that small action saves on space as it keeps up on communication and saves on space.

After morning email has been answered the next task is to look on Google Calendar for what the day’s activity is. In many cases, Google Calendar will be preset for an email reminder, but this can be edited for every event, so it is an easy fix. Asana is the alternative to Microsoft Project, so this web application is a very helpful guide when doing them. Microsoft Word is a highly trusted application used when writing articles for the blog or clients.

iPhone Air pods

When iPhone Air pods first came onto the public market years ago, they were ignored as there was no need for them at the time. Over the past few months a few health challenges have come about making it difficult to hold a smart phone for longer than ten minutes at times. Because of that type challenge the purchase of iPhone Air pods Generation 2 was completed and now my job can be completed easier without interruption.  

After making the purchase of iPhone Air Pods Generation 2 there was some hesitation to use it at first, but the sound was beautiful when testing with a listen to iHeart Radio. Very impressed and have found that personal helper Siri can be used with these Air Pods while wearing them which makes things quite simple to remember. Another step that is nice to know the iPhone Air Pods are at attention is when the left iPhone Air Pod is placed in the ear there will be a short sound that is heard. 

iPhone 12 Pro

When the first personal iPhone was purchased, it was generation 6 and at the time, that particular generation did take a few days to get accustomed to using it. The previous cell phone was actually a Sprint flip phone that didn’t have much to it so having a phone that provided items a computer has was quite amazing. It only took a day or two then the iPhone was quite easy to use; just push an icon and there is the app (application) desired. What was even more impressive is having an iPhone 6 at the time it was fast.

It wasn’t until a good work excuse came but the purchase for an iPhone 12 Pro came along and so came the upgrades inside the phone so it could handle what it got dished. The iPhone 12 Pro works daily with every app that is used – Notepad, Calendar, Weather, Contacts, Google Chrome, Reminders, and Messages. Sometimes other applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom may also be put into use for meetings. The iPhone is a wonderful investment and suggest this item to anyone considering a smart phone.     


All in all, the helpers that are being used have organized writing, so it becomes stronger, gives desire to become healthier, and builds focus to help others. Readers are invited to comment or if you would like  to visit a similar article that has been written Why Drinking Water Is So Famous At My House.  

Thank you for reading.