The 4 best websites that help find remote jobs

Whenever a person aspires to find a new job with a company, it is very important for that person to compile a cover letter and a resume. Once we have the resume and cover letter, we can begin job searching. The keywords you use in your job search can be very helpful if you are looking for a job that allows you to work from home because they can narrow down your search to something more specific.

Specific Keywords

In the job search, it may be useful to use keywords like remote or virtual. When using the mentioned keywords, before searching, type in one of the following remote office manager or virtual office assistant to see what appears. The reason for using remote or virtual as keywords for a work at home job search is because they will improve what appears on the search engine results. It is also possible to use the keyword hybrid when searching for a job online, such as this hybrid accountant. It is best to define hybrid as two days of remote work followed by three days at the office. It has been discovered that there are some companies that offer hybrid positions to their employees as it has been demonstrated that employees perform better when working in a hybrid format.   

Virtual Job Searching

If you’re looking for a new career, know what kind of job you want. Google is a great search engine to check out for virtual job searches. The best way to use Google is to type in something like this customer service remote then press enter for the results.

The first results that show may not be what is desired, so try customer service OH remote press enter. OH is for the state Ohio so that will need to be changed to meet specific needs. Using specific keyword combinations may take a few times, but Google can help you find the right remote job.

Another place to check out is Indeed as they have been quite helpful with providing remote, hybrid, and contract work to anyone that seeks it. The Indeed website is very easy to use when searching for a remote career as it allows the user to enter specific words for job types then remote can be used in the location area for a broad search. With the Indeed website a person can have jobs sent to them as new ones appear if they would like through email.   

FlexJobs is a fabulous website to check into as they share updated database of jobs daily to members. What is so special about this website is that they share jobs like freelance, hybrid, contract, remote, and national jobs throughout United States and globally. This website holds free events to help members that are job seeking which are helpful.  

The Mom Project is a wonderful website that will help anyone who needs assistance finding a work at home job. What makes this site so special is how they help someone present themselves to an employer. For example, each section gives a person the ability to shine and show their very best to the employer including providing their updated resume.

Career searching

It is never easy to find what we want when seeking a virtual job, it is like going on a long journey to find the missing diamond in a haystack. But once it is found hang onto it because working from home virtually is something that is treasured.

Many that work remotely love the fact they no longer need to purchase gas; love they can stay home with children and no longer need to pay a babysitter. Many that have virtual jobs love having the ability to go to the doctors without needing to miss any work.   

Whether you are working remotely or working in a hybrid position is of benefit as each person can take care of their family. Every person has different needs so each person can find what is best for themselves when visiting all the websites mentioned above.

Final thoughts on remote job seeking

A suggestion when seeking out virtual jobs is to always have the best resume ready to show off job experience, skills, and education. If there are any certifications gotten place them onto the resume with details as the employer will be interested in knowing about this information.

Not every person has experience in a virtual environment but can other items an employer desires for a job position be met it is highly possible someone will be phoned for a pre-interview. The entire goal of a good resume is to have it be close to the qualifications of that job position.

Having a solid cover letter that can be adapted for every job that is applied to is a very good idea. A suggestion is to keep a cover letter written on one page but do have it meet the job being applied for. Another suggestion is checking out free cover letter and free resume templates.

Looking at the options of free templates may give ideas on how to improve what is currently being used. Another thought is to seek out ATS resumes, they can be found on Indeed. This type of resume is very easy for employers to read. 

Leave a comment your thoughts when seeking work on the Internet and what type of help you would like to have when searching. 


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