6 ways to get through this summer heat and humidity

There are some parts of America where the weather will only be okay and other parts of America where the weather is going to be in the 100-degree temperature mark for many days. With that type of summer weather life can be difficult, especially if you are someone that doesn’t have an air conditioner, is someone that does works outside for a living or likes to go outside in general. Here are steps for making it through summer heat and humidity:

  1. Drink water – if you don’t care for water put some fruit in it. If you still want something that has a boost, drink Gatorade as it will provide the body with electrolytes and there are multiple flavors to choose from as well.
  2. Wear light colored and loose clothing when and where possible. The reason for doing this is that the light colors are better as the sun will bounce from it. Clothing that is loose on the skin will allow the skin to breathe when you are moving. A suggestion for clothing fabric during the warmer months that looks good is mesh. Other fabrics that can be worn for business wear during the summer are silk, cotton, linen or even polyester as they feel light to the skin during this time of year. Other options of fabric that are also nice to wear during the summer are lace and cashmere as both can be quite lovely for summer clothing choices and are known to give the skin breathability.
  3. Pay attention to the news from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and your local news station for the weather as they do know what is taking place in the area. Should you not have a radio the first suggestion is to contact a friend for assistance. The second suggestion, contact your public health office as both can share information on how to set your phone so you will always get alerts.
  4. It is best to get those air conditioners running in the early morning hours because this weather may give a chance for things to be cooler in the evening. The humidity and heat will set right back in quickly during the day. It is best to set a reasonable temperature with the air conditioner and let it run for the day so the house will cool right down.
  5. Always make sure your animals are taken out for walks in the early mornings and at dusk or right before sundown. They are the safest times to allow the animals to be outside so they will not get overheated. Secondly, when the animal comes back inside, put ice into their water bowl so there is always cold water that he or she can drink. Imagine how good that will be for them once coming in from the hot outside? Another thing I have learned is feeding them in the morning is a good idea rather than midday or in the evenings. By doing the early morning feeding is easier on the digestive system because of the heat.

    Note: The final thought on this matter, never, EVER keep an animal outside in this type of weather. If you see someone doing this, call the local police and let them know as no animal should be abused or treated in this fashion. It’s just not right.

    6. The last step is to always remember to keep  those air conditioners clean and running smoothly. Many of the appliances will have automatic reminders on them of flashing lights to look at the filters. However, there are others that will have the steady lights. The important point of the air conditioner filter is to always follow steps in making sure everything works correctly on it. Should the item be something that needs to be removed, pull it out gently, give a good rinse then place it back into the air conditioner. This will be helpful during the next few days when the air conditioner will be working overtime during summer and humidity periods.

The summer heat and humidity is upon us, and everyone is facing it together, but we can do this. The best thing we can do is keep up with our ice makers or make sure our freezers are always full of ice cubes.  It’s okay to sit for a moment and stop moving during this time of year as we can get overheated quickly. Always check in on family and friends during this type of weather just to make sure everything is okay with them. Most importantly, stay safe because this weather can cause health trouble quickly, and no one wants that to happen. We can get through this!