6 Steps for Everyday Makeup Routine and how to make it work for you

In the morning when we first wake up, the last thing we should think about is our makeup routine. Every one of us has a different career, from working virtually to working in an office to being a full-time mom. As a result of all those careers, we like to look good since we need to run errands and places throughout the day. In this blog article, we will share six ways for an everyday makeup routine that you can enjoy doing and change up as you desire.

Step one: Wash your face as soon as you wake up. What’s the reason? By washing your face, you open up your pores and remove the night’s excess. Using a simple face cleanser that isn’t expensive, it takes about 2-3 minutes. Oil of Olay Birch Water is an excellent facial cleanser that is reasonably priced and also adds moisture to your face. It is a smooth product that rinses away clean without leaving any traces on the skin, and it also leaves no film behind.

Step two: Pat your face dry instead of rubbing it as touching the towel to your face helps remove the water more effectively. What’s the reason for that? In the first place, you allow the moisture on your face to remain, and secondly, you should never rub your face. It can cause irritation to occur when the face is rubbed and even outbreaks to occur if the face is rubbed too hard.

Step three: Rather than using liquid foundation, consider using a powder foundation that matches the skin tone. Using a powder foundation is less messy than using liquid foundation because the powder foundation allows the skin to give that natural glow. It will still need a good makeup brush to apply to the face, but the benefits are greater because the powder foundation allows the skin to give that natural glow.

Step four: Using multiple colors of eyeshadow is fine when using eyeshadow. An excellent idea for a business look is to use eyeshadow layers that are neutral, so they won’t stand out and attract attention. For evening wear, darker eyeshadow colors can be used. Whenever you go out for the night, wear those pink or purple colors, but keep in mind that neutral colors are best for business and career.

Step five: Whether you have just come home from work or just had dinner with the family, there are a few evening steps you can add to your everyday makeup routine just to take care of yourself. Daily makeup cloths from Oil of Olay are wonderful. Once the item is warm, you can either use one side that has smooth bumps for cleansing makeup off your face or the other side that has bumps for cleaning makeup off your face. Once you have removed your makeup, rinse the cloth, and use it to wipe your face after cleansing your face with soap. Since they are very gentle on the skin, these items can be used every day to remove makeup since they are suitable for daily use.

Step six: After washing and patting your face dry, apply Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturizer. As a small amount goes a long way, you only need a small amount on your finger. The item replenishes the skin’s moisture that has been lost throughout the day. To finish the evening, drink some water. You can add your favorite fruit to it for flavor, but water is the best thing you can drink before sleeping. Although everyone needs different amounts of water throughout the day, it is always helpful to have a glass of water on your night table just in case you wake up and need something to drink.

With a new everyday makeup routine, you will be able to enjoy the new you!