Where do you place important files for storage?

Everyone loves to take photos when away on a fun trip for the anniversary or taking a trip to the beach for the weekend right? When you bring home the digital camera or smart phone the photos are on you will need to transfer them onto your computer hard drive. Do you place those photos somewhere, so they are never lost? When you have important documentation that is saved on the hard drive do you have a copy elsewhere, so it is never lost?

We first had the hard drive the floppy disks as extra external storage then the USB drive. There is also the external drive, but the consumer rarely would purchase external drives as they are big and bulky. Technology has created something more helpful than all the above, it is called cloud computing and within this cloud as the user you can store anything on a specific amount of space.

Have you heard of Google Drive or Drop Box? Both are popular cloud storage sites consumers and business owners make use of for many reasons. Both provide the consumer with a specific amount of space after signing up for an account. When needing more space both cloud sites will provide options to increase space as well as what the monthly fees are based on the amount of space needed. There are other cloud storage websites just like these two and charges will differ in price. The ease of using a cloud drive once files are placed on it they can be considered safe. The cloud is safer to place files than keeping on a hard drive because the hard drive can always go bad whereas the cloud drive cannot. Secondly, the cloud storage your data is always backed up in a safe, secure way so all you need to do is keep watch on the files you have placed on that cloud directory to make sure those are always the files you desire to keep. You can learn more about how the files are backed up by looking at the help file where you are keeping your files for further detail. Every cloud storage is different, so it is best to check into the help file for specifics. You can feel comfortable whatever file is placed onto the cloud will be stored safely.