What everybody ought to know about making an Angus roast crockpot dinner

Although the weather may have changed, the cooking of a roast has not because everything can be placed into the crockpot then let go to cook. The recipe chosen is something that has gone through the family for years. Even though there are some small things such as what gets added or changed over time based on what is available in the grocery store Everything is still just as beautiful when it comes to having a fabulous Angus roast for dinner.

For starters, plan on getting a reasonable size Angus rump roast that is at least 3 to 4 lbs. You want something that is meat with a small amount of fat, which is why Angus is suggested. The next item suggested is to seek small potatoes rather than using large. Everyone that makes roasts differ from size to color but with this recipe it is small potatoes, and the color is yellow.

The next item being used are carrots either baby carrots or the larger size cut in half. Lastly fresh celery stalks are used because they add flavoring to the entire dish. Just as was done with the carrots you cut the celery nicely into pieces. Note, you only need approximately two or three cut stalks of celery. Start with doing two then base it after they are done if you feel there is a need for a third.

The next item to be used with the recipe is a medium size white or yellow onion. Some prefer using the white onion because of the sweetness they give whereas others will prefer using the yellow onion because there is a savory taste. Both onions share a fine flavor at the end to a recipe as they give a nice taste to the final recipe itself.
The goal when using either a white or yellow onion is to chop it into reasonable size pieces than place it in with the roast itself after doing so.

The addition of salt to a dish has mixed feelings when there is a conversation. Let’s start with the addition of black pepper. The addition of black pepper to your dry roast is a good thing as it will be cooked into the roast. It is a matter of how black pepper is used. For example, some like to add black pepper to just the top of a roast then there are others that will place a reasonable amount of black pepper onto both bottom and top of a roast. Something to keep in mind, black pepper is a strong spice that does work in many ways. How to best use black pepper is in moderation so all spices will be enjoyed.

Now when it comes to adding salt, that is something many home cooks will not do for a variety of reasons, and it is their personal right to do so. There are items on the market used instead of salt that do give the same flavor but not the high sodium content. An item that can be used instead of salt is a favorite called Dash (aka Mrs. Dash). There are three choices of Dash to consider using while cooking. Take these steps for a fabulous dinner recipe:

Step 1. Open the roast package then when it is prepped place the item into the crock pot. You can add Dash and pepper onto it as an option. Another option to use there is a roast mixture from the bag that can be purchased at the grocery store which has tons of spices in it. There are directions on the package to follow and that can make everything simple for spicing up the roast. As an extra thought there are home cooks that prefer to use things like Lipton onion soup mix as it gives off a boost of onion along with other spices.

Step 2. Now is the time to take care of the chopped onion. Place all the chopped onion in with the rump roast and let it fall into the crockpot where it wants to. I always use a simple cutting board with a handle to chop the onion then once done hold the cutting board over the crockpot and push the onion right into the crockpot. I did get a plastic flexible cutting board as well that will fold up easily to make prep for cooking easier and more comfortable when working in the kitchen and needing to move vegetables from one area to the next. Just do a search on Google for flexible cutting boards and these items can be located easily for you to enjoy cooking. Now back to the recipe where we left off.     

Step 3. Add small potatoes, carrots, and celery into the crockpot. This time when adding the potatoes, carrots, and celery place these items around the outer edge of the roast, so they cushion it like a blanket. You don’t have to push the vegetables onto the roast but when you are pouring these items into the crockpot allow them to just fall between the crockpot and the meat itself so there is a snug fit created.

Step 4. Once vegetables have been placed into the crockpot with the roast it is now time to add the water. By adding water, it will allow everything to keep moist while it is cooking. How best to do this, is to take a measuring cup, fill it with tap water, then pour the water along the side of the rump roast to coat the vegetables. This will not interrupt the meat or the meat spicing that has been placed onto your meat.

The goal for using water is to add enough into the crockpot so it is high enough to see but not so much that it will cover your vegetables. Steam will build along with water over time as the rump roast and vegetables are cooking; this small amount of water is what helps get things started and prevents burning to the bottom of the crockpot.  The amount of water used is approximately 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 cup of water but again it is based upon the size of the roast itself. It is best to always use eye view on where to stop adding water as it is always different with each size of Angus roast.

Step 5. Once the water is added, it is now time for the crockpot lid to be placed on as all ingredients are complete. The timer can then be set for 8 hours with the setting placed on low. When that is done then press start and let your crockpot begin cooking. It will beep when the cooking is complete. Enjoy your meal when it is complete!