SMART planner to build career goals

Job seeking is a busy matter and it takes a lot of focus including the variety of goals to reach the exact career desired. Of course it is important to many who are out of a job to find something now to begin paying monthly bills on time but what about that dream career, do you even have a plan to begin the search? Alas, there has been something invented to put job seeking goals together and work on them one-step at a time.

The name of this item is S.M.A.R.T. in which each letter means something. For example, S is specific, M is measurable, A is attainable, R is realistic, and T is time bound. Each letter will help goals be achieved by the questions that are asked.

An example to consider with specific is I want to focus a plan for CPA jobs in the Chicago, IL area. For measurable items, an example to use may be something such as I want to send out three resumes a day for six months. For the attainable goal, I want to achieve 10 interviews within six months. For the relevant goal, My CPA resume and cover letter wording will be changed to meet requirement for each employer applied. When considering a time bound goal, I will obtain a job in six months after sending 640 resumes to various employers.

The SMART planner is mainly used for long-term however, it can be used to schedule short-term goals and plan specific items that need to be accomplished such as job seeking. This wonderful item is quite helpful due to the fact it can build motivation and keep a person focused on what needs to be done.