How to keep your fingernails cared for and protected

Ever feel like you don’t have time to do what you need for nail cuticles? Follow a simple habit by removing your nail cuticle easy every time before doing any type of nail polish whether it is clear or something with a tint.

The simple items you will be needing for taking care of your nail cuticle are the following:
– nail clippers, cuticle remover, manicure nail file, double-sided nail file, and my favorite Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

To start get a cool drink or a hot cup of coffee, find a place to sit with a hard laptop desk you can rest your hands on. Many don’t like the idea of having a laptop desk, but this is something you may find easy especially if you are someone that is constantly nail painting; this will help balance that nail polish bottle as they do have small section holders.

Now to begin with the nail clippers you don’t need a large pair something small will do just fine. Open them up and begin to carefully trim any parts of your nail edges that are in need. Once you have done so take the double-sided nail file, my choice is the bendable type personally, using the smoother side curve your nails so they are all even. Once you have done this take the cuticle remover and push the cuticle of your nail gently into your finger. This is something that should be done on each finger without feeling any type of pain.

Once you have completed this step then use a manicure nail file. There is a specific number that will buff up your nails. Do all of them first, once you have done so use the next side to polish them.

Every manicure nail file is created different so carefully pay attention to how they are labeled. These items can be found at any beauty store or drug store. By doing this you will build good blood flow to your fingertips and give your nails a beautiful glow. Once you have completed this final step your nails are ready to do that last step.

It is always a good idea to have something safe on top of the nail just for protection. Using a nail hardener like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is helpful as it will give your nails that perfect look.

This item will also protect your nails if you choose to wear any type of color polish. This item can be found at any beauty store, drug store, or even Walmart at a low reasonable price.

Another good thing about using this item is it will help your nails stay strong plus help them grow. Enjoy keeping your fingernails beautiful as you deserve to be beautiful and pampered!