Enjoy summer months and be mindful of health!

Here we are, summer has come upon us once again. The weather has reached a temperature that has many feeling ready for a visit to the local pool. There are others that would like to take a drive to the nearby park with the family. There are some residents that have been waiting for the first warm day just so they could take a walk on the nearest beach and enjoy the sand between their toes. No matter how a person enjoys the first day of summer they are happy to be enjoying it with people they love and building memories of a lifetime.

Going outside

Everywhere in the United States the weather is different when entering summer months some may have it just right while others may have a temperature that is too warm for taking the chance of going outside. When experiencing weather too warm there should always be a backup plan such as making sure you will stay indoors near the air conditioner or a fan. A second item to have on hand on days that are too hot is to stay hydrated with something like flavored water or iced tea with lemon.

On those days when the weather is agreeable to make a visit outside consider having a reasonable sized cooler with ice that can store items for hydration like a flavored water everyone too. There can even be another cooler taken that could have fresh items such as fruit or sandwiches on ice. Having something like that will actually save money and also be a healthy way to keep your diet in check while sitting in the sunshine.

Two more items that should be added onto your list are sunscreen and aloe vera. Keeping both of those items in one of your coolers are quite helpful as they are out of the way and the ice cubes won’t hurt them. A key to remember about good sunscreen is having one that will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. How to best use the sunscreen is to place it on your skin 15 minutes before going outside into the sun then to reapply onto your skin every 2-hours to keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays. Sunscreen may need to be reapplied earlier if there is any type of activity in the sun.

The reason why aloe vera has been mentioned this gel can be helpful should there be notice of your skin starting to turn red. Aloe vera is a cactus with natural cooling gel inside of the cactus. This natural cooling gel can heal the skin including give a protective layer to the skin when applied carefully onto it.     

Working outside

It is valuable for a business to keep watch on the weather when they have workers that are needed outside every day. Depending on what weather activity takes place it could decide how some employees can and will perform their job tasks. Each worker is different for how their job takes place however the weather does play a very large role on what can and will get done during each day for a business. 

There are some year-round workers that can do the job without any trouble, however there are others across America that will need to change from working outside to working indoors. For workers that perform outside tasks only such as working on the structure of a yard or even building a home it may be best to get those type of things started early in the morning at sunrise before the real heat begins.

For outside workers that perform other tasks, it is always a good idea to have liquid on hand because working in dry heat can get the best of you quickly. If you are working indoors, it can be just as difficult so if possible, do your very best to stay cool keeping liquid nearby and having a fan close to you for air circulation.

Air conditioning check

The next step to consider with this hot weather right upon us. So with that examine what is used for the air conditioner to make sure everything is running smoothly. How it can be done easily is to look at the AC early in morning while the weather is at its coolest. The first thing to check is the air conditioner screen; is that screen removable and if so, pull it out then give a good rinse in your bathtub or outside. Shake the screen to remove excess water then place the screen back into the air conditioner. By doing this action it is helpful and will prevent the air conditioner from working overtime and going at heavier speeds.

Health check

Taking the time to do a health check on yourself as well as family members during the summer months is always a good thing because of this weather activity. There can be so many steps we go through just during the day whether it is the running of errands, meetings at work, cooking dinner for the family, taking care of kids, we are constantly busy. Because daily activity changes quickly we can get tired both mentally and physically. It is worth scheduling a personal health check then doing the same for whomever in the family just to be sure everyone is well.

Ready, set, enjoy summer

When the summer heat comes upon us the weather will be felt quick with humidity, heat or both types of activity taking place. There will be many days of warm weather taking place along with other weather activity that Mother Nature decides to bring. The best thing we can do is be prepared for the summer of 2023. How we can be prepared is by always having blankets, always having a backup of water, and always checking in with local forecasters whether through the Internet, the television or your smart phone, as they will keep us updated on weather taking place. Another important item check in on family and friends to make sure all is well. Stay safe this summer and enjoy!