A to Z guide for seeking a work at home job

Are you someone that is seeking work at home but having difficulty because there seems to be stumbling blocks always in the way? That’s okay. You know when we don’t know how to seek out certain things it can be difficult but here is an A-to-Z guide that can show you step-by-step on how to locate that work at home job you desire.

Always know what the tricks are when reading so you don’t buy into a scam. If the ad sounds too good to be true ignore it. If the ad doesn’t have a legal company name, ignore it. Research, research, research!

Build a plan for the type of work at home you want to do before seeking work at home.

Constantly watch the changes of work at home postings as they are always changing.

Do create a specific work at home resume showing all of your skills.

Edit your work at home resume so it is up to date with all of your skills and work history.

Feature yourself by writing a summary about you on the work at home resume.

Generate a list of work at home businesses your skills and talents are in tune with.

Hold yourself to a professional value when speaking during the interviews; it will go a very long way.

Initiate the phone call to a company when wanting to know more information about a job, it shows interest.

Just be yourself when speaking during the interview for the work at home job. Pretending to be someone you are not can possibly lead to criminal charges.

Keep a positive focus while seeking work at home jobs; it might take a little bit of time, but remember you are good at what you do. Talk about those skills during the interview to let others know about your performance skills.

Look closely when job searching as a job that catches your attention will be the one to go out for.

Many work-at-home postings are good however if the work posting asks to click a URL or dial a phone number DON’T DO IT, they are scams and need to be avoided!

Never pay money to work a job. You are the person that should be getting paid for free.

Opportunities are similar but different as one will become an independent worker filing different tax papers and needing to do many things. Job opportunities will be explained further in another article.

Plan for the career you desire. By planning you can start building your resume to focus on finding the remote work job desired. After building the resume the next step to go is building a great cover letter that shows off the talents and skills to an employer.   

Quality is how to view yourself and your skills when job seeking.

Remember to always smile when speaking as it makes you sound and look positive.

Speaking in with “honesty being the best policy” is a great attitude to have.

Travel to favorite social media sites make note of listings for work at home jobs that are of interest then start the research.

Use common sense when speaking during that very first line of communication. As the saying goes, “First impressions mean everything” so what is said or not does matter as it can determine whether the second interview will take place.

Voice has an important role during the interview. Speaking soft can be troublesome as the person interviewing might have difficulty understanding comments. On the other hand, if person on the phone is someone with brash tone to voice that could also open questions in another direction.

X-tra paperwork is not anticipated by any employer that is holding an interview session. Employers are quite okay with an extra copy of a resume and cover letter.   

You should search for new job postings every Wednesday as that would give ample time for the updates to take place.
Zoom and Microsoft Teams are two of the many applications used for job interviews. Both job apps allow you to have free accounts, both items allow the ability to install onto a smart phone, both Google and Apple.