5 steps how to safely get out of debt

Has there been a time experiencing trouble paying monthly bills? Everyone has had this difficulty at one point or another when they needed to speak with someone. The goal is to avoid bankruptcy and safely get out of debt.  

Step 1. Don’t be afraid to reach out for financial help. If needing financial assistance to help make payments on any bill that is due there are customer service representatives that can further guide. If needing help making payment on a medical bill there is usually a phone number that can be called for payment assistance.

Step 2. Make notes on what you are needing help with before calling customer service then while speaking with them on the phone continue making notes. Make note of the specific phone number you dialed just so you have it for the future if needed.     

Step 3. Phone the specific number having a pen and paper by your side to make note of any important information given. When you first have the chance to speak with someone kindly ask the name of who you are speaking with. At times the person on the other line may not be heard or misunderstood. By asking the question you will always be aware of the person speaking to on the other line.

Step 4. Be honest why you are needing financial assistance. The representative can provide assistance whether it is a payment plan or direct to the right department. Always make note during your conversation if any plan has been made and if there are any pieces of documentation to watch for. Also make note of phone numbers so you have them for future reference as these numbers are very important.

Step 5. After speaking with someone about a financial payment plan gather all research notes together then place them into a pile for safe keeping. It may be a good idea to place the papers together by paperclip or stapler then have them nearby where you sit for doing bills so they can always be seen. The next step to be taken is creation of the budget. This can be done using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel as both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have bank templates that can help get your budget sheet started for keeping track of all transactions. The above steps should help make steps become easier for creating your budget then seeing the options of how to remove debt.